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Collin's love for wood working is what brought Dandelily Studios into the Wood decor arena. Pairing Danielle's designs with Collin's handywork has proven to be a good match!


Upholstery and Furniture Restoration

We love old things. There is just something special about furniture that has a story (even if it is secret). We can help you preserve that value while also giving the piece a new chance to make memories.


Graphic Design

Graphic Design is where Dandelily Studios began. I love being able to use the principles of using color and layout to present information in a beautiful way. Even if people don't realize it, they can appreciate beauty in the little things.


Interior Design

Interior Design uses some of the same principles as graphic design, but pulls it into a livable and functional space. Interior design allows people to see beauty no matter where they are.

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Our Company


Our company is here to help with any design needs you may have-- whether it is designing a Christmas card, making a custom lettered sign, or reupholstering a chair you purchased. The name Dandelily Studios comes from a combination of two flowers-- the Dandelion and the Lily. Flowers are the perfect example of God's design, which we can only hope to imitate. The dandelion is considered the worst of all flowers, but we believe that even the worst can become beautiful with our help. The lily on the other hand is the flower that represents new life-- we would love to help you give some new life to an old piece of furniture, an outdated card design, or a space that just needs some freshening up. To keep in the spirit of recreation we donate a high percentage of our profits to the 501C3 non-profit The Phoenix Phase Initiative. Check out their website to learn more about how they foster restoration.

Our Story

(Meet the People)

Our story begins with a dream (like most). Danielle has always wanted to own her own business serving her customers by helping them design anything from invitations to a new website. She graduated with a double major in photography and graphic design, and has since worked with interior design which lead to the opportunity to learn upholstery. Collin is a talented history-loving handyman who enjoys woodworking. He started making wall decor as gifts for family members and found that other people appreciated his work too! Danielle assists with the design of the projects, and Collin brings them to life!

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