Bruxvoort's Decorating Brand

I redesigned Bruxvoort's brand to make it cleaner and more current. We feel that it now better represents the company as a whole. This brand includes the logo, color scheme, website, billboard, product tags, stationary, and advertisements that all blend so that a customer can recognize Bruxvoort's material without thinking. I also do Bruxvoort's weekly ads for the local newspapers, local business ads, as well as facebook, and website advertisements.

Arne Hettman Excavating

Arne Hettman had not previously had a logo for his business, so he asked if I would design one for him that had red in it. That meant that I got to have a little fun with it! I worked to provide his business with a professional and eye catching logo that would function on any surface- from a truck to a business card.

Ashley's Bouquets

Ashley's Bouquets came out of Ashley's hobby (and talent) of arranging flowers. She wanted a way to show potential clients what she has done so we decided to create a website. However, that meant she needed a brand to base that website on. We developed a classy and beautiful logo with a little bit of whimsical fun that reflects the beautiful arrangements she creates.

Country Garden

Country Garden is a beautiful wedding venue located in south central Washington. They wanted to have a brand created that would portray the feel that the venue had. We decided a calming, serene color palette along with the imagery of the gazebo would do just that.

Goldendale Pregnancy Resource Center

I have done work for several Pregnancy Resource Centers (which help young women who are struggling through pregnancies). I feel that what they do is SO important, and I love to work with such caring people! We wanted to create that caring and nurturing feel with the brand for the GPRC. What better way to portray that than with hearts? We used the heart as a staple element of the designs, and then picked a calming (yet contemporary) color palette since they are dealing with a younger clientele.

Green Ridge Christmas Tree Farm

Green Ridge Christmas Tree Farm has been around for generations and is known for have beautifully shaped, full, quality Christmas Trees. The tree farm is not flashy or glamorous, so we wanted to stay away from portraying the flashy side of Christmas, and instead focus on the fullness and beauty of the trees.

Meet Me in Montana

This is a logo that I designed for a family reunion that took place in Montana. Family members traveled from all over the country, so we decided that "Meet Me in Montana" was not only a great alliteration, but also a good tag-line for the reunion.

Mid Columbia Vet Clinic

Mid Columbia Veterinary Clinic serves all animals-big to small, so they wanted a logo that made sure people knew they could also help with the larger animals (specifically horses.)

Van Gelder Clockworks

I had the priviledge to design the entire VanGelder Clockworks brand- and what a fun project! I really enjoyed working with such a classy look and the foil press on the business cards.

Pella Christian Grade School

Pella Christian Grade School wanted a new logo that really showed what is important to them as a school. I created this logo because one of their main goals is to help children grow and learn while staying rooted in their faith.

Emily Tunes

Emily Tunes wanted some business cards to be able to give out to customers and potential clients. The letter E just worked so well with the idea of a tuning fork, we couldn't resist.