Corral Boots Ads

This is an advertising campaign that I created for Corral Boots. It focuses on the idea that they have enough style choices for you to find one that truly represents your personality.

CareNet Pregnancy Services

I did my internship for CareNet Pregnancy Services of DuPage. While there I had the opportunity to design brochures and cards to provide information to clients and supporters. I also was able to design their new sign.

Facebook Voyager

Facebook Voyager is a browser that our team developed and then created logo and ads for. We decided what it would be capable of, and then highlighted those in a series of advertisements.

Necessities Toilet Paper

Necessities is a company that I "created" and branded as an exercise in how to advertise for "unmentionables."

Bruxvoort's Decorating

I redesigned Bruxvoort's brand to make it cleaner and more current. We feel that it now better represents the company as a whole. This brand includes the logo, color scheme, website, billboard, product tags, stationary, and advertisements that all blend so that a customer can recognize Bruxvoort's material without thinking. I also do Bruxvoort's weekly ads for the local newspapers, local business ads, as well as facebook, and website advertisements.